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Military Discount

Military Discount for Music Lessons

NMA is honored to serve our active duty and retired military. In appreciation of your tremendous sacrifice to our country, we are offering a 5% military discount on music lessons. This discount is good for piano, drum, guitar, voice, violin, woodwind and cello lessons. It is also applicable to any length of lesson (30, 45, or 60 minutes). This discount also extends to the spouses and children of active duty personnel and veterans.

Besides enjoyment, many military personnel are finding health benefits in music lessons and music therapy, particularly in the treatment of PTSD. A recent article from NPR highlights these benefits and the popularity of the program, Guitars for Vets. You can read about it HERE.

Those  eligible for the military discount can call or email us at any time and use the code “Military” to receive the discount. Lessons are available 7 days a week from 10 am until 8 pm. and there is parking onsite. The lesson rooms are private and suited for individual lessons. Beginners or advanced students welcome.

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Sing like Adele: 4 tips to help you gain vocal power!

Power. That’s what EVERY singer wants. And you can achieve it to, but it takes confident control of the proper technique. After all, not everyone is born like Adele. And yes, sometimes people are “born with it.” However, that should not be a deterrent to the beginner. By mastering breathing, vocal chord anatomy and care, control of the diaphragm, and the proper formation of the mouth and tongue during singing, one can easily access their power with a reliable and familiar tool. This must be achieved before the confidence factor of an “Adele” can be born. Here are some simple things to remember. If you find these helpful, give us a call at 615-521-1937 to set up an appointment with one of our excellent vocal instructors (Janine Le Clair, Elise Hayes, or Michaela Neller).

  1. Hydration – The time to replenish is at least an hour before singing. Your tissue needs to be hydrated, not just the exterior surface of the throat.
  2. Breathing – Is all about the “passive” approach. You build room for air (Power) by extending the diaphragm and then use it to push air out during projection.
  3. Know your limits – Warm ups and scales should be practiced a capella on a regular basis. You have to know when you’re reaching (falsetto)and when you’re standing on solid ground (chest voice).
  4. Can you hear me now? – Think about all the different accents of the world! The importance of pronunciation and the role of the tongue in singing is VERY important. There are many different approaches to achieving the quality performance you want, but controlling the enunciation confidently meanwhile applying various facial muscular techniques to further emote in performance is a master’s tool.

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