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Subscribe to the Nashville Music Academy Youtube Channel!

The Nashville Music Academy Youtube Channel has helpful tutorials and recital videos! Subscribe to our channel HERE and enter to win a $100 VISA gift card.  Currently featured on the channel are recital videos from our recent Fall Recital at The Hermitage Hotel in downtown Nashville. These videos feature performances from students of all ages and abilities. Our most inspirational moments are often the performances by students in our Special Needs Music Program. Have questions? Reach out by phone or email via our CONTACT page.

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The NMA Music Program at Valor Collegiate Academy Meets With Success!

The first Nashville Music Academy after-school music program is up and running at Valor Collegiate Academy. Scholars are grouped based on interest and experience. These groups are comprised of Orchestral Ensemble, Singer-Songwriter, and Music Business. The program mixes both contemporary compositions and classical technique. Scholars also work towards a performance goal.

NMA instructors involved in the after-school music program are Director Tatia Rose, String Instructor Leandria Lott, and Singer-Songer coach/mentor Georgia English. The orchestral ensemble is a good place for the beginner to intermediate string, woodwind, or keyboard player. Vocalists and guitarists/keyboardists who are interested in writing music and performing contemporary music are recommended to the singer-songwriter program. Finally, those scholars interested in the basics of the Music Business (management, copyrighting, and touring) will enjoy the music business group, led by the music program administrator, Tatia Rose.

The music program meets from 1:45 until 3:45 pm. If you are interested in enrolling your scholar, please reach out to us at info@nashvillemusicacademy.org. Payment for the semester can also be found here.

Military Discount

Military Discount for Music Lessons

NMA is honored to serve our active duty and retired military. In appreciation of your tremendous sacrifice to our country, we are offering a 5% military discount on music lessons. This discount is good for piano, drum, guitar, voice, violin, woodwind and cello lessons. It is also applicable to any length of lesson (30, 45, or 60 minutes). This discount also extends to the spouses and children of active duty personnel and veterans.

Besides enjoyment, many military personnel are finding health benefits in music lessons and music therapy, particularly in the treatment of PTSD. A recent article from NPR highlights these benefits and the popularity of the program, Guitars for Vets. You can read about it HERE.

Those  eligible for the military discount can call or email us at any time and use the code “Military” to receive the discount. Lessons are available 7 days a week from 10 am until 8 pm. and there is parking onsite. The lesson rooms are private and suited for individual lessons. Beginners or advanced students welcome.

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Why I Love Being a Music Teacher!

The job of being a music teacher is a wonderful one. Today I received a wonderful text from a parent (see attached photo). Not only was it accompanied by an illustration by my student Jack (who is 7 years old), it reflected what he thought about our piano lessons together. It’s a great honor to sit with a child (or adult) for an hour or more every week and help them learn how to play an instrument. As many a music teacher knows, music lessons are often more than just instruction. They are a time to listen, share, and be a friend.

This particular student of mine has been studying with me since he was 5. He is quite advanced now (not a surprise since both his parents are musicians). It is my joy to see him enthusiastic about music and the progress he has made. I have many students that I started with at Jack’s age and now graduating high school. While my tenure as a music teacher lends to the fact that I’m getting older, it is one of the most wonderful things about sharing the gift of music with others.

(Written by owner/piano instructor Tatia Rose)



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A drawing from one of my piano students.
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Piano Lessons Open Doors! A Student Success Story

Piano lessons are the most popular choice for students when it comes time to choose an instrument to study. Perhaps it’s because of the familiarity, or the absolute joy that comes from sitting at the piano. Either way, the piano teachers are often the busiest at Nashville Music Academy.

When George came to the studio, he was looking for voice and piano lessons. He had heard about our work through the great folks at ARC (an adult resource for individuals with special needs that met at Vanderbilt). George had played the pipe organ his whole life, but wanted to improve his technique and perhaps find an advocate who could help him find work as a church organist again. He was assigned Tatia Rose for piano lessons and Janine Le Clair for voice lessons. Both teachers immediately fell in love with George, who was a funny and bright (and highly talented) individual with Autism.

As time went by, George eventually shared a secret with his piano teacher. He had been working on a complete Symphonic work for organ and had been using the theory he was learning at piano, to complete the score. He asked Ms. Rose if she would help him find a place to perform his work. In August of 2015, George did just that at Vine Street Baptist Church. This also led to George securing a job as an organist at a church in East Nashville.

All of this good news came from George’s choice to better himself with music lessons. The dedicated staff at Nashville Music Academy recognized his potential and gave him the encouragement and support he needed to achieve his goals. Here’s to the power of piano lessons, and of course… a great student.





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Like Beethoven, you can find the path to lifetime success via music.

Music is the Path to Lifetime Success

If any one individual could tell us about the lifetime success associated with music, it would be Beethoven. As a young pianist, I would listen to vinyl after vinyl of his magnificent symphonies. As a young college student, I would often use his quote “One must be a genius to understand genius.” I spent a long part of my career as an instructor and pianist as a fan of the composer dubbed “the first rock star.”

What is it about musicians (especially the prodigies) that creates an insatiable drive for success and recognition? I came across this amazing article by Flavorwire that allows a rare glimpse into the brain of 20 brilliant musicians. The article highlights the benefits of music as a catalyst for success that is fueled by creativity and self-confidence. These two traits allow us to be ourselves, but also to share our thoughts and ideas with others. Leadership demands that we be able execute the latter. The ability to do so is the number one corollary between every successful person. So dare to dream friends, and find success on your own terms while enjoying the benefit of music lessons in your home our at our studio located conveniently in downtown Nashville (Berry Hill Districit).


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The Benefit of Music Lessons for People with Special Needs

A personal letter from owner and piano instructor, Tatia Rose… As a music instructor, I have been working with people who have special needs (predominantly autism) for almost 10 years now. The most important thing I have learned is that music is indeed the universal language, even for those who are non-verbal. The connection between vibration and sound allows all of us (even those with severe disabilities), to participate and create in a method of expression.

In addition, the confidence that is born from self-expression, enhances the social interaction of people who have difficulty connecting with others. The recitals we have every year are a great example of this. A parent of one of my autistic students relayed a great story to me…

“I picked up John from school, and the teacher pulled me aside and said, “Who is this Tatia that he keeps talking about today. And he said something about playing for people.”

She relayed that I was his teacher, and he had just done a great job at his recital and was very proud of himself. The best part of this though, is that John was communicating. I consider him a prodigy given his aural and theory skills, but John lacks the ability to use words like you and I. Since starting piano lessons, John has started singing along with some of his songs, and he’s using clumps of words as opposed to sign language and out of context, one-word responses.

This is the power of music. It is healing, connecting, and divine. It enables us individually and collectively to do amazing things. If you or someone you know could benefit from music lessons, please contact us info@nashvillemusicacademy. If you would like to know more about autism or programs for individuals with special needs, please visit http://autismspeaks.org.




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Voice Lessons with Janine LeClair, a Teacher Spotlight

Looking for voice lessons? Janine Le Clair is one of Nashville’s best acting coaches and voice teachers. She played the leading-lady for international musicals and productions like The Sound of MusicThe Mystery of Edwin DroodThe Secret GardenBrighton Beach Memoirs, and Annie. LeClair also has extensive on-camera experience, and has been acting in network television commercials for financial institutions, home furnishings, restaurants and tourist destinations as far away as Australia.

Teaching under the same principles she was taught under (Stanislavski), LeClair also includes Uta Hagen and Meisner in her technique. Her personality is warm and inviting. This compliments her coaching style, which is patient, fun, and goal effective. She has been a music instructor at Nashville Music Academy (formerly Rose Music Group) for 10 years. Best-known for the results she achieves for both beginners and advanced students, LeClair provides a professional and experienced background enabling her to sculpt each lesson to the needs of the student. She is available (by appointment only) on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings.


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Music Healing Our Mind and Bodies

Billy Joel on Music Healing

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from everyone loves music.”

Today’s research agrees with Billy Joel. The healing powers of music help us cope with pain, but also benefit our physical and mental health. Fortunately, music is a common thread in every human society.

Physically speaking, music has been shown to descrease pain, motivate athletic performance and endurance, improve sleep quality, decrease over-eating habits, and enhance blood vessel function.

In terms of mental improvement, music has been proven to reduce stress, enhance the meditative state, decrease the severity and frequency of the symptoms of depression, sharpen cognitive skills, and increase successful performance in stressful environments. The benefits of music are also seen in easing patient stress related to surgery and cancer therapy.

The healing power of music is a universal medicine, one which the whole world can partake. You can begin the path to a sounder mind and body today at Nashville Music Academy. We take appointments 6 days a week from 10 am til 8 pm (see weekend hours). It’s time to start taking your music vitamins Nashville!

References/fact-check found at  http://greatist.com.

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Get to Know Nashville Music Academy

Hello future students! This is an invitation to get to know our music school and music teachers! We offer music lessons for EVERY instrument and ANY age. We are also honored to serve the special needs community. We have students of every range of ability and disability, which is why Nashville Music Academy is a proud partner of http://autismspeaks.org. Most of our instructors have been with us for 7 or more years and have AT LEAST a Bachelor’s Degree in their area of teaching expertise. The studio, located in Berry Hill, is comfortable and laid back. There’s free Wi-Fi and a kid-friendly waiting area. We look forward to meeting you!