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The NMA Music Program at Valor Collegiate Academy Meets With Success!

The first Nashville Music Academy after-school music program is up and running at Valor Collegiate Academy. Scholars are grouped based on interest and experience. These groups are comprised of Orchestral Ensemble, Singer-Songwriter, and Music Business. The program mixes both contemporary compositions and classical technique. Scholars also work towards a performance goal.

NMA instructors involved in the after-school music program are Director Tatia Rose, String Instructor Leandria Lott, and Singer-Songer coach/mentor Georgia English. The orchestral ensemble is a good place for the beginner to intermediate string, woodwind, or keyboard player. Vocalists and guitarists/keyboardists who are interested in writing music and performing contemporary music are recommended to the singer-songwriter program. Finally, those scholars interested in the basics of the Music Business (management, copyrighting, and touring) will enjoy the music business group, led by the music program administrator, Tatia Rose.

The music program meets from 1:45 until 3:45 pm. If you are interested in enrolling your scholar, please reach out to us at info@nashvillemusicacademy.org. Payment for the semester can also be found here.