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Military Discount

Military Discount for Music Lessons

NMA is honored to serve our active duty and retired military. In appreciation of your tremendous sacrifice to our country, we are offering a 5% military discount on music lessons. This discount is good for piano, drum, guitar, voice, violin, woodwind and cello lessons. It is also applicable to any length of lesson (30, 45, or 60 minutes). This discount also extends to the spouses and children of active duty personnel and veterans.

Besides enjoyment, many military personnel are finding health benefits in music lessons and music therapy, particularly in the treatment of PTSD. A recent article from NPR highlights these benefits and the popularity of the program, Guitars for Vets. You can read about it HERE.

Those  eligible for the military discount can call or email us at any time and use the code “Military” to receive the discount. Lessons are available 7 days a week from 10 am until 8 pm. and there is parking onsite. The lesson rooms are private and suited for individual lessons. Beginners or advanced students welcome.

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Guitar Lessons, Everything You Need to Get Started!

Guitar lessons are one of the most popular choices for beginning and adult students. It’s a very approachable and portable instrument, and can quickly become an accessory, depending on how much you like to play. There are just a few things to know if you are interested in taking guitar lessons at Nashville Music Academy; physical expectations, notation, type of guitar, and genre.

One thing all guitar players know, is that the instrument will physically change your fingertips. Callouses and tenderness are to be expected. For this reason, it is important to understand the commitment of practice and the pain (however so slight) it might cause, especially with very young students. The types of strings you choose for your guitar will also make a difference. Your instructor can guide you through all these decisions.

Unlike piano, guitar is notated with tablature. Tablature is a form of musical notation indicating instrument fingering rather than musical pitches. You can learn more about tablature HERE. If a guitar student is interested in crossing over to other instruments, such as voice or piano, it is important that they understand the sight-reading approach of tablature only applies to the guitar. Your guitar instructor can teach you the other methods if you plan on being a multi-instrumentalist!

Most folks know there are two types of guitar – electric or acoustic. The guitar lesson will vary depending on what type you choose. Acoustic is commonly associated with the genres of classical, bluegrass, country, Americana, singer-songwriter, and world music. Electric is often associated with Blues, Funk, Rock, and Punk. Both Pop and Jazz have crossover with both acoustic and electric. Knowing what kind of music you would like to learn will play a large role in which you choose.

At Nashville Music Academy, we have teachers that teach all styles, genres, and types of guitar lessons. Adam Korsvik, Rebecca Frazier, and Michaela Neller are all excellent teachers well versed and waiting to share their years of expertise with you. Call today, 615-521-1937 to set up an appointment.

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NMA Guitar Teacher, Rebecca Frazier

A guitar teacher is not an endangered species in Nashville. However, a great guitar teacher is definitely something a little more difficult to find. At Nashville Music Academy, we are very grateful to have several wonderful guitar instructors. One of them is Rebecca Frazier. Rebecca is great with beginners and advanced students, and has a remarkable career as a writer and performer. Frazier came to national attention in 2006 as the first female on the cover of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine, and was later picked up by Compass Records for her flatpicking/songwriting solo showcase When We Fall (2013)The album received heavy airplay on SiriusXM Radio and peaked at #3 on the national Roots Music Report Chart. Other honors include Rebecca’s 2009 IBMA Recorded Event of the Year award for her work on the Daughters of Bluegrass’ Bluegrass Bouquet album. She also had a feature appearance singing “Keep on the Sunnyside” on Hank William’s biopic, 20th Century Fox The Last Ride movie soundtrack released by Curb Records in 2012.

While her primary focus is bluegrass (particularly flat-picking), she is also well versed in Pop, Country, and Americana. She is available for guitar lessons as well as mandolin and ukelele lessons. Rebecca teaches in both our Berry Hill location, and in East Nashville as well. To book a lesson with her, please give us a call at 615-521-1937.

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Guitar Lessons & Visually Impaired Students

Guitar lessons at Nashville Music Academy are available for all abilities. We have a long history in Nashville of making music lessons accessible for people with disabilities. In 2013 we received an award for Nashville Mayor Karl Dean for our outstanding work with special needs individuals. So what makes all of this possible?

The first thing to understand about people with “disabilities” is that they have other really special abilities and gifts that compensate for the challenges they face in their everyday lives. For example, visually impaired students often have an amazing aural (ear) ability that allows them to learn songs quickly by just listening. The ear becomes the eye, and guides the fingers along the ever constant guitar neck. We have had several visually impaired students experience success with guitar lessons at NMA for that reason.

In addition to the natural abilities of our students with special needs, our staff makes all the difference. An intuitive music teacher can coach any student to success by finding their strengths and building upon them. The rapport that’s developed between student and teacher largely determines success, second only to practice! If you know someone who could benefit from music lessons at Nashville Music Academy, please have them call 615-521-1937 today to set up an appointment.

Click HERE to learn about famous blind musicians!

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Music Healing Our Mind and Bodies

Billy Joel on Music Healing

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from everyone loves music.”

Today’s research agrees with Billy Joel. The healing powers of music help us cope with pain, but also benefit our physical and mental health. Fortunately, music is a common thread in every human society.

Physically speaking, music has been shown to descrease pain, motivate athletic performance and endurance, improve sleep quality, decrease over-eating habits, and enhance blood vessel function.

In terms of mental improvement, music has been proven to reduce stress, enhance the meditative state, decrease the severity and frequency of the symptoms of depression, sharpen cognitive skills, and increase successful performance in stressful environments. The benefits of music are also seen in easing patient stress related to surgery and cancer therapy.

The healing power of music is a universal medicine, one which the whole world can partake. You can begin the path to a sounder mind and body today at Nashville Music Academy. We take appointments 6 days a week from 10 am til 8 pm (see weekend hours). It’s time to start taking your music vitamins Nashville!

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