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Autism Awareness Month at Nashville Music Academy

April is Autism Awareness Month. At Nashville Music Academy, we are an advocate and ally of the Autism community. Many of our students are affected by Autism. While the challenges of being on the spectrum are demanding, our autistic students show an aptitude and gift for music. We have committed to making the music education experience at NMA socially inclusive. This is our way of bringing awareness to other individuals who may not have experienced a person with Autism. Our annual recitals are an excellent example of the moving and inspirational musical moments that these children and adults provide.

Autism is a topic we as an American community need to address. One in 68 children have a place on the spectrum, with an increased incidence in male children (One in 42) – per CNN and their statistics from the CDC. There is no definitive cause or cure for Autism, which is what makes the diagnosis staggering for parents. However, organizations like Autism Speaks are doing great work in raising awareness and funds to get us closer to an understanding of how to combat this disorder.

In our experience here at the Academy, we have often noticed the beneficial effects of music lessons for individuals on the spectrum. These include increased vocabulary, emotional expression, and improved social skills. However, many of these children and adults come to us with very elevated skill levels in the area of music. It is not uncommon to find an Autistic student with perfect pitch, or an incredibly memorization ability. An excellent article which highlights the benefits of music lessons can be found here.

If you know someone with Autism who could benefit from music lessons, please have them call our director, Tatia Rose, at 615-521-1937. In addition to being a fundraiser for Autism Speaks, Ms. Rose has over a decade of experience as an educator with Autistic children and adults. During Autism Awareness Month we will offering a 5% discount on all lessons for special needs children and adults.

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