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Nashville Music Academy
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Nashville Music Academy providing music lessons for any age & every instrument

Welcome to the Nashville Music Academy. We are an eclectic, yet uniquely formal, Nashville music school. NMA is located conveniently in Berry Hill. NMA offers music lessons, acting workshops and voice coaching for any age and every instrument. Our music lessons are individually designed for each student, accounting for each person’s unique skill-level and abilities. Our Nashville music school also offers a program for individuals with special needs, and hosts an annual recital on the veranda at the Hermitage Hotel. A wide range of music instructors are available to teach piano, voice, violin, guitar, drum, saxophone, flute, banjo, and more! Music lessons are formed around each students’ goals, and can include a mix of theory, performance, song-writing, stage presence, and ensemble.

Recitals can be viewed at our YouTube Channel

Recent Blog Posts

NMA Guitar Teacher, Rebecca Frazier

A guitar teacher is not an endangered species in Nashville. However, a great guitar teacher is definitely something a little more difficult to find. At Nashville Music Academy, we are very grateful to have several wonderful guitar instructors. One of them is Rebecca Frazier. Rebecca is great with beginners and advanced students, and has a … Continue reading NMA Guitar Teacher, Rebecca Frazier

Guitar Lessons & Visually Impaired Students

Guitar lessons at Nashville Music Academy are available for all abilities. We have a long history in Nashville of making music lessons accessible for people with disabilities. In 2013 we received an award for Nashville Mayor Karl Dean for our outstanding work with special needs individuals. So what makes all of this possible? The first … Continue reading Guitar Lessons & Visually Impaired Students

Cinco De Mayo Spotlight: Latin Music

Latin music is a large part of our American society. No more do we realize this than on Cinco De Mayo when our senses are flooded with the rhythms and instruments of our Latin American friends. Latin music combines the “musical traditions of Mexico, Central America, and the portions of South America and the Caribbean colonized by the Spanish and the Portuguese. … Continue reading Cinco De Mayo Spotlight: Latin Music

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